Hacking Team 0-day Flash Wave with Exploit Kits


After Hacking Team was compromised, a lot of information were publicly disclosed beginning 5th of July, particularly its business clients and a zero-day vulnerability for the Adobe Flash Player that they have been using.

Since the info about the first zero-day was made freely available, we knew attackers would swiftly move into using it. As expected, the flash exploit was integrated into exploit kits such as Angler, Magnitude, Nuclear, Neutrino, Rig, and HanJuan as reported by Kafeine.

Based on our telemetry, there was a rise in Flash exploits beginning 6th and continued until 9th.

overall_stats (11k image)

Here are the stats for each exploit kit:

ek_stats (27k image)

The security advisory for CVE-2015-5119 zero-day was released on 7th July and the patch was made available on 8th. So the hits started to decline about two days after the patch.

But just when people have started updating their systems, there was yet another spike from the Angler flash exploit hits:

weekend_wave_stats (22k image)

Apparently, two more flash vulnerabilities, CVE-2015-5122 and CVE-2015-5123, were discovered. These vulnerabilities are still waiting to be patched. According to Kafeine, one of the two vulnerabilities were added into the Angler exploit kit.

As a side note related to Angler exploit kit, if you noticed in the second chart above, Angler and HanJuan share the same statistics. This was due to the fact that our detections for Angler Flash exploits were also hitting on HanJuan Flash exploits.

We have verified this after discovering that there was a different URL pattern being detected by Angler:

angler_vs_hanjuan_urlpattern (9k image)

We looked at the flash exploit used by both kits, and the two are very much identical.

Angler Flash Exploit:

anglerek_ht0d_3 (26k image)

HanJuan Flash Exploit:

hanjuanek_ht0d_3 (23k image)

There were already speculations that there seem to be strong connections between the actors behind the two exploits kits. For example, both have used “fileless” delivery of payload and even similar encryption methods. Perhaps at some point we will see HanJuan supporting this new flash 0 day as well.

In the meantime, since there hasn’t been a patch out yet for these new ones, our users remain protected from the effects of the exploit kits through Browsing Protection as well as these detections:


UPDATE: Adobe has released patches for the recent two vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-5122 and CVE-2015-5123. Users are recommended to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

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